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Our Services


Your car is a major expense that is worth protecting.

Over time, your car is attacked by the elements.

Montreal winters can be brutal on your paint and interior.

All of which affecting the condition and value of your vehicle.

Here at Fred Auto Care we provide professional vehicle services that keeps your ride in style.

Ceramic Coating


Ceramic Coatings offers long lasting protection

by creating a transparent hard " shell" like coating between your paint,

the weather and any contaminants that may come in contact with your paint

Window Tinting


There are two reasons to have your windows tinted.

To change the look of your car and protection from UV rays. Whether installing film at 5% dark or film at 90%, light, you can have protection and the effect that you desire.

Paintless Dent Repair


If you have a dent or a crease in your paint with no crack or chips,

you may be able to fix it without a trip to the body shop.

Bring your vehicle to Fred Auto Care for an evaluation and save your money and your ride.

Paint Repair


Stone chips, minor scratches are bothering you?

Let our paint expert work his magic by repairing these blemishes

with the latest paint repair technology.

Our Work


Best quality of service for our clients