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Your car is a major expense that is worth protecting.

Over time, your car is attacked by the elements. Montreal winters can be brutal on your paint and interior.

All of which affecting the condition and value of your vehicle.

Here at Fred Auto Care we provide professional vehicle services that keeps your ride in style.

Honda Full cleaning Neo.png

Exterior Detailing

All exterior detailing starts with a wash and decontamination of your car. This allows proper bonding of wax or sealant protection applied to your paint giving longer lasting protection.

Starting at

AUTO       SUV/VAN       LG/SUV




Tesla Detailed interior.jpg

Interior Detailing

Interior detailing includes shampooing of carpets with an extractor. Door panels and seats are cleaned and protected. Dirt, salt and stains caused by spillage are removed.

Starting at

AUTO       SUV/VAN       LG/SUV




Complete plan image.png

Complete Detailing

Complete detailing is a combination of interior and exterior cleaning


This starts with a hand wash and paint decontamination. Depending on your need this service includes wax/paint sealant to paint correction then sealant protection.


This service features a deep cleaning of all interior surfaces, seats, carpets, odours, headliner and trunk.

Starting at

AUTO       SUV/VAN       LG/SUV




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